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When it comes to digital advertising, we all want to make it as easy as possible for our customers and prospects to learn about our broadband offerings, and (hopefully) to sign up for service. However, one crucial piece of the user experience is often overlooked – the landing page. 

Simply put, a landing page is the web page where someone “lands” after they click on your digital ad, sponsored post, or promotional link. This could be a page on your website, a direct link into your sales system, or a special microsite set up for a “demand building” campaign through a partner like CrowdFiber.

When used correctly, landing pages can dramatically boost your online sales or pre-registrations, and provide a great return on your digital marketing budget.

Here a four things to keep in mind when developing your landing pages:

1. Make It Consistent – your landing page imagery and copy should match (or at least be related to) the ad that led the user to it. For instance, if your ad talks about gigabit packages, don’t send them to a landing page that is promoting “Wall-to-Wall WiFi.” While the products are related, the consumer will likely find it confusing and off-putting.

2. Make It Focused – a good landing page should be streamlined to communicate only the essential information about a single product or promotion. In short, get to the point.

3. Make It Easy – whether you want the user to register their interest or sign-up for service, make it clear and simple for them to do so. For instance, only include one call-to-action if possible. And if you’re using a platform like CrowdFiber or CheckPoint, take advantage of their search form integration so users can search their service address right on the page, rather than having to click to another site.

4. Make It Keep Working – placing retargeting pixels on your landing pages allows you to stay in touch with prospects who showed interest, but for one reason or another did not order or sign up. By periodically serving them follow-up ads, you can keep your offer front and center, and increase the likelihood of them becoming a subscriber.

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