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Digital marketing experts estimate that the average American is exposed to over 2,000 online ads per day. That’s a lot of advertising “noise” that rural broadband marketers have to cut through in order to be heard.

One of the best ways to do this is by developing – and executing – a solid content marketing strategy.

Here are four reasons why content marketing is essential to marketing fiber broadband:

1. It Educates Your Audience – by focusing on the many uses and benefits (eg. Smart Home Automation, IoT products, etc.) of fiber broadband, you can help your audience understand why they need it, rather than just what it is.

2. It Engages Your Audience – when executed properly, content marketing will not only get your audience’s attention, it will encourage them to interact with your ad and brand. This can range from simply sharing your article on Facebook or, better yet, clicking through to order service.

3. It Positions Your Brand as a Thought Leader – Since most people aren’t experts on “smart” technology or gig internet, they rely on brands they view as credible and trustworthy. By sharing interesting and informational articles, you will position your brand as the “local” expert in the market.

4. It Helps You Identify Your Best Prospects – using retargeting pixels, you can build an audience of people who have engaged with your content, and then follow-up later with a more direct sales messages.

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