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Ready-to-launch content, emails, campaigns, and more to sell your broadband.



DxTEL provides independent telecommunication companies, rural cooperatives and other utilities with enterprise-level data intelligence, consulting and fully-managed marketing programs for Fiber Expansion, Churn Mitigation and Gigabit Marketing.

Our Solutions

Each of our solutions are turn-key and come with full account management, ensuring your team has all of the tools and support it needs to succeed.

Harper Broadband Marketing Library™

Ready-to-launch content, emails, campaigns, and more to sell your broadband.


  • Educational articles for residential and B2B services
  • Customizable email templates
  • Social Posts for Facebook Campaigns
  • Monthly Consultation with Digital Expert
  • Press release templates for major announcements


    Fiber Expansion Analysis

    Get a comprehensive look at prospective markets, from likely prospect volume and saturation to general consumer sentiment.

    • Prospect Profile & Model
    • Prospect Mapping
    • Consumer Sentiment





    Churn Mitigation Program

    Identify existing customers that have a high-propensity to churn, and proactively engage them to improve retention.

    • Predictive Churn Model
    • Customer Risk Flagging
    • Churn Risk Engagement
    • Churn Behavioral Monitoring

    TrueProspect® Targeting

    Cut digital ad waste by digitally marketing to people based on their postal address.

    • Intelligent Prospect Targeting
    • Customer Suppression
    • Serviceable Address Targeting

    Our Services

    Data Insights

    Learn more about your customers and identify your best prospects.

    • Customer Profiles
    • Prospect Models
    • Market Surveys
    Customer Engagement

    Use customer data to improve engagement and increase ARPU.

    • Strategy
    • Messaging & Creative
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Social Marketing
    • Audience Segmenting
    Digital Marketing

    Compliment your marketing strategies by reaching your customers and prospects across all devices.

    • Display/Mobile
    • Social
    • Video
    • Content Marketing
    • B2B
    • Landing Page Development
    • Creative Development
    • Data Targeting

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    P.O. BOX 61174, COLUMBIA, SC  29260
    [email protected]